Thursday, 26 December 2013

A few Miles Ahead

A Time whorl, yes it was a time whorl that I have just been through. Remember that day, when you were lazying down on your couch, eating some french french fries may be? and out of the blue after watching an inspirational movie you realized you are worth a better couch? Your life might someday ask something better and worthier the other way around. 
Not sure what leads to that but sure is something really strong and hits your guts until you answer'em back in an unsure language. Similar did I experience on the very day I was offered the job of my dream but one cant dream enough on a couch along with some french fries. He has to stand up, look forward and bit backwards in order to move ahead. 
That's how it started, that's how I landed up in NID, the National Institute of Design

New Place running on the same Pace leaving an Alien Trace behind.
Coming all the way from the great blue north of our Country, New Delhi, one may not that unimpressed or much impressed with the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore. in fact one might not help but to fall in love with this city and even this State i.e this State of conflict between your two beloved homelands :)     

Sooner than later at NID an Applied Art graduate might finally learn to let go of things that were thought to him before and finally might be able to make sense to the world rather than trying make sense of the world, A bachelor in Technology might finally learn how to integrate a finer touch in their coarse hands and finally the witty management gurus hail to voice of the mice. More sooner than later they all might have to answer their own call so as to why they are here and even more sooner than later, in fact more frequent than greater, they would need to answer others curiosity to that as well and thrive 'Suit your curiosity, slice along the phrase which fits your jig saw puzzle the best'

Having been completed my 1st semester in this academy of Design, this fine art turned IID (Information and Interface Design, but of course!) student has now finally something to showcase..Surf along though to take a  glimpse at my past explorations as well as my present practices as I will religiously try to keep uploading them though out.